Printera, es una de las tres empresas líderes en el mercado de la industria gráfica en Croacia, con más de 4000 clientes permanentes y 130 empleados produciendo más de 12.000 trabajos promocionales gráficos completamente diferentes, tales como catálogos, folletos, informes, revistas, cartas direct mail, libros, mapas turísticos, sobres, etc.

Siguiendo con su propia estrategia de crecimiento y de mejora continua y, con el fin de utilizar tecnología punta para mejorar la calidad, el costo y el tiempo de respuesta a sus clientes,  Printera decidió empezar a utilizar un software de gestión MIS|ERP para a gestionar toda su empresa. La decisión recayó sobre la solución Sistrade® MIS|ERP basada en la flexibilidad de las funcionalidades y en su experiencia en el sector.

El software Sistrade® ERP permite gestionar todos los procesos de negocio de la empresa, desde el presupuesto de un trabajo hasta la planificación y gestión de la producción, pasando por la gestión de los recursos humanos de la empresa.



At the beginning of the year, we started thinking about a new business solution that will improve and standardize the processes of the entire printing production and business of the company. Weak indications of the recovery of the economic situation in general, intensively influenced our decision to make changes in the way of doing business as soon as possible. All branches of industry, including printing industry, seek, develop and/or implement innovative solutions and advanced technology, both in terms of machines and in terms of information system that will be able to support all production and business stages. The ultimate goal is to be as productive as possible.

Productivity, efficiency, effectiveness, good knowledge and improvement of our own business processes are topics that we talk about very often today. We are aware of the fact that it will reduce our costs and time, and increase the flexibility and quality of products. Today, more than ever before, customers need to be impressed by both quality and price at the same time.

Our search and goals took us to Portugal - the land of sea, wine and football. In Lisbon, we met with the leadership of the international company SISTRADE Software Consulting. After the usual sequence of reflection, information and negotiations in the next three months, we signed a business cooperation agreement.

SISTRADE SA is an engineering and consulting company with offices in Lisbon, Porto, Madrid, Warsaw, Istanbul, Frankfurt, Abu Dhabi, Milan, Ljubljana and Mexico City. Over the years, it has been offering and implementing innovative solutions for the printing industry in the international markets of Europe, Asia, South America and Africa.

SISTRADE goal is to establish partnerships with its customers in order to work together with their own technology and knowledge to adapt the existing system to each company, each business culture or country. It is in the process of globalisation and after more than 100 successful implementations, we will have the opportunity to work on a multilingual platform. Sistrade® Print is a 100% web oriented, configurable and flexible system. Since it is based on cloud architecture, it is fully accessible via an Internet browser from a tablet or smart phone, without the need for installation on the device itself.

Sistrade® Print is a software consisting of a series of modules that the clients choose according to their own needs. Ultimately, Sistrade can bring all the necessary data that we can further manage. They are at our fingertips and with a few clicks we can clearly compare estimated and actual costs, profits or losses. The modules we have chosen for implementation in our country are applicable in the offset segment of the printing industry, and cover production stages, outsourcing and suppliers, sales tools, and tools for warehousing, administrative and financial operations.

A prerequisite for this management system is the standardization of all parameters of printing production. Defining operations and norms opens the area of simulation as a basis for business decision-making. It is the same with planning and designing a virtual machine park, the realization of which can be carried out or postponed without material consequences. Software simulation of the production process gives us a large amount of data that helps us in forming the price of products that we encounter every day. The information collected is our wealth and is used to further improve sales, production and work order management. With standardization and productivity, and the creation of a realistic picture, we can clearly determine the direction we are going.

But productivity is simply never accidental! It is truly the result of focus, excellence and planning.

Production today, including printing, must be faster, cheaper and better, and the changes that are daily and fast. Therefore, IT must be present in every segment of business, and primarily in the segment from which the company lives, and that is production. Printing industry employees as well as employers, are fully aware that the survival of the market requires informatization, and thus constant education and encouragement of employees to be willing to accept change.

The success of this project is not in question, perseverance, team spirit, hard work, steely will and commitment to the project is the price for the organization we want to see happen in the future.

See you on the road!

Introduction of a new information system

The printing house is undergoing a comprehensive and strategically important project of introducing a new information system, which we are working on intensively with the professional support of consultants from Portugal and Slovenia. The goal of this project is to strengthen Printera’s competitiveness on the domestic and foreign markets through a modern information solution that will unite all previous programs and increase the quality of business.

The project is entitled “PRINT IT! - Information and communication technologies to increase the competitiveness of the Printera Group”, applied for a tender from the European Regional Development Fund, the funds which we expect.

The introduction of the information system was preceded by an analysis of existing business processes, both internal and those processes that extend beyond the company's boundaries, such as supplier management and customer relationship management. After the decision on the selection of the best bidder, a contract was signed with the international company SISTRADE and the implementation of a new information system began, in which a project team is consisting of colleagues in charge of project coordination within their field of work.