Curval has experience since 1944, today it is a company engaged in metalworking industry specializing in the manufacture of plows adapted to agricultural tractors. Curval purchased Sistrade® at SISTRADE that allows computerizing various areas of the company such as industrial control and supervision.

SISTRADE - Software Consulting S.A. is an information technology engineering company, which has a management system for the Printing and Packaging Industry named Sistrade®. Sistrade® is a specific MSI|ERP for this industry which is based on the latest information technologies, such as access via Internet Browser and use of Microsoft SQL Server, and features from Estimating to the control and Industrial supervision through the electronic commerce and supply management.

INTERVIEW CURVAL - Jornal Vida Económica [PDF Version]

Curval and SISTRADE - partners in production management

Curval, a company in the metalworking area, has chosen to implement Sistrade as a software that would allow optimization and increase in the efficiency of the production process. According to the company’s director - Simão Curval, the relationship between the two companies has lasted for over a decade and, given the obtained results, will continue.
Currently, as project work, Curval manufactures mainly industrial turbines and fans for the cement, glass, petrochemical, energy and other industries. Export is one of the main aspects of the company, especially to China. “SISTRADE was chosen due to the fact that the production records, at the time, were all manual. Well, we wanted to grow and that was impossible if we kept the same system. There were only two options, hiring more controllers or finding a way to make the system fully automatic. SISTRADE provided this control with software for the metalworking industry, our company has features typical to a locksmith shop.”
The results of the Sistrade software implementation had practically immediate results with many advantages for the production process. From the outset, manual records of stocks and consumption ceased to exist. It should be noted that this system focuses exclusively on the production part. SISTRADE proved to be quite strong in the area of production management on the shop floor. “On the other hand, the choice also had to do with the fact that it responded to a checklist developed for that purpose, that is, it responded to our demands”. It was necessary to have a system parameterized internally, and SISTRADE allowed creating articles and operations internally. “Curval wanted a partner that would give the company some freedom of action, which happened with SISTRADE”, said Simão Curval.
Curval admits that the choice of SISTRADE was the right one. Especially since in the metalworking industry there is no specific software, it is an area which does not have a standard product. For such a dynamic activity, it is not easy to define particular software. Another important aspect is that the software tool is aligned with the company’s future needs, not least because SISTRADE has a wide range of solutions in the area of industry 4.0.

From agricultural tools to fans
Curval started its activity in 1944, in the field of agricultural tools. In 1999, the company started manufacturing of equipment for dedusting and fans for industrial units. Already in 2000, the expansion of manufacturing facilities and modernization of industrial equipment took place. Another important date in the company’s history was 2009 when the certification process by ISO 9001/2008 standard was completed. And it was also a year of change, transforming the light metalworking company into medium/heavy metalworking company. This was the result of an investment in industrial equipment and human resources, the company hired qualified staff and provided training to all employees. Curval is located in Vila do Conde.