Fabric production is one of the oldest technologies developed by man, aiming to transform fibers into fabrics. This process has several stages, from converting fibers into yarns, yarns into fabrics, and finally into pieces of clothing, for home use, or even technical fabrics.

It is a constantly evolving industry, and to accompany this evolution we developed the Sistrade software for Textile. With a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features, this software allows you a simple and effective management of all issues regarding production and many others.

Associated with the Textile module of Sistrade software we also developed various other modules directly interconnected to Sistrade software, in order to speed up all the organization's processes.


Sistrade Software for Textile Industry allows:

> Trade fair management
> Knitting data sheet with threading matrix with cost calculation
> Simulation for different quantities
> Integrated colour opening management (Labdip)
> Management and supervision of samples
> Management and automatic creation of job orders with allocation of yarn lots (supplier)
> Management of the entire subcontracting process with cockpit for managing inputs and outputs of materials
> Management of certificates, standards and final product conditions


Trade Fair Management

The trade fair management module was designed to answer our customers' growing need to manage the entire trade fair process, a complex process with a lot of bureaucracy and paperwork. With a digital solution connected to the ERP, the user disposes of an easy and fast tool to manage the entire identification process of the customers' orders at a trade fair or commercial visit, avoiding the usual bureaucracy, such as delays in shipping orders. The system allows you to request samples instantly, informing the back-office in real time to send them promptly.



Technical Data Sheets

Knitted textile is a type of fabric with a unique characteristic - being produced with a single yarn knitted into itself in the same direction. This method involves needle looms, resulting in a fabric with high texture, porosity, stability, and elasticity.
Several types of fabrics can be created, affecting directly its characteristics. Due to the importance of these attributes, the Textile module guarantees the maintenance of the construction parameters in the data sheet in a simple and centralized way.


Machine Management

The machine management in the system enables the storage of the specific configuration of the Technical Sheet for each of the possible machines. User can change the selected machine when creating the production order, or during planning, the machine configured will be available in the manufacturing cockpit.
The system allows the upload of specific documentation for each equipment, which is relevant for its configuration or parameterization. All uploaded documents can be accessed by users in the shop floor data collection application included in the Production Management module.



The fabric construction characteristics, such as yarns and threads, design, quality settings and finishing are defined by the user.


Finishing and Shipping Processes

For best control, all the documents generated during a sales process are accessible, including graphic elements identifying the type of activity, whether it is production, shipping or other.



In the Textile module, all processes can be managed as a typical production process. However, according to the market's high demand to manage these processes in an outsourcing perspective, we developed a specific solution to manage and control the entire process, from the purchase generation and expedition to the reception of the materials and quality control.


The cutting and sewing processes are managed as one operation in the production process, being possible to import cutting patterns, sizing tables, and other relevant documentation into the system, to control and centralize the information available to the users.


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