Flexible, Secure and Modular System

The Security Printing sector operates in its own production environment, with a particular workflow that differs from the rest of the printing industry. Dedicated to the production of printed documents and products designed to guarantee authenticity, integrity and protection against forgery, this sector plays a crucial role in the security of documents and products in various sectors, including government, finance, commerce and industry.

Aware of the special needs of this sector, SISTRADE has developed a flexible, secure and modular system architecture that supports customization design and quick adaptation for any security requirement. Careful and exhaustive analysis, as well as sustained development to meet requirements, provide a comprehensive response to the special and unique demands of this sector.

Main Features

> Full compliance with security protocols
> "Secure Mobile Warehouse" concept
> Secure data transmission
> Encrypted Users Passwords
> Encrypted data transmission through Wi-Fi connections (HTTPS protocol)
> Pre-assignment access rights per user, module and functionality
Historical logs per user, device and activity
Additional Security authentication per User/Device (Security tokens, Biometric, RFID, etc.)
> Full product traceability, from raw materials to dispatched products
> Connection with BPSs machines to retrieve all information related with the banknotes processing


Main product ranges whose specific needs are solved by Sistrade software

Identification Documents

Includes passports, ID cards, driving licenses and other documents issued by official entities. Security printing on these documents can involve techniques such as holograms, watermarks, light-sensitive UV inks, embossed printing and microtexts.


Bank Notes

The production of banknotes features several layers of security features, such as watermarks, security threads, optical inks and microprints. These features make counterfeiting more difficult and help guarantee the authenticity of the money in circulation.


Labels and Packaging

Product security is a growing concern for companies in various sectors. Security printing is used on labels and packaging to protect against counterfeiting and theft, as well as guaranteeing the authenticity and integrity of products.


Stamps and Tax Documents

Tax stamps, tax documents and authentication seals are often produced with advanced security features to prevent counterfeiting and fraud.


Bank Cards

These include physical cards used for credit and debit transactions, produced using a variety of printing techniques, including offset printing, screen printing, digital printing, and may involve the incorporation of physical security elements such as holograms, magnetic strips or chips.



Security Printing - Estimation

Main Features

> Estimate for any type of security document
> Management of plates, cylinders and clichés
> Full access to the different materials from the initial steps of the estimate
> Workflow for approving estimate
> Simulation of other quantities
> Application of financial margins and economic analysis in the estimate
> Electronic submission of the estimate


Warehouse Management System (including Secure Mobile Warehouse)


Main Features

> "Secure Mobile Warehouse" concept
> All movements with supervised control
> Comprehensive control of secured material in real time
> Management and control of security labels/seals
> Dispatch of raw materials and test/proof materials to production
> Receipt, management and auditing of products in production
> Various units of measure and types of warehouses
> Management of production/raw materials waste and defects
> Return of unused raw materials and test/proof materials
> Workflow for auditing materials
> Real-time localization
> Picking and packing lists


Preparing Material for Production

> The software informs you which materials are pending to be prepared, based on the planning
> The system suggests the available and convenient batches of each material and their locations (according to the defined criteria)
> The user can easily transfer materials/batches from the mobile interface
> The system graphically displays material availability for each resource/machine

Data Acquisition (DAS)


Main features for Security Printing

> Real-time control and production feedback
> Integration with passport production line machines
> Generation of serial numbers for recording and receipt of log files with production results
> Assisted registration of packages/boxes/pallets with automatic identification labels
> Automatic identification of WIP with QR Code labels
> Visual management on the shop floor, with performance and availability indicators per machine
Data collected automatically from printing machines, such as machine status (stop/run), speed, input/output quantities
Detailed ink definition and management, including Iris/Rainbow body, allocation of inks/batches used per printing unit, ink consumption controlled by authorizations
> Printing plate management, with control of the production/imposition stage, management of the plate serial number, allocation of plates to the machine's printing unit, control of plate life and utilization
> Definition and differentiated control of preparation and production paper


Security Printing - Full Product Traceability

With any given product ID, the system presents full traceability information:
> Raw materials used at every stage, including the supplier batch/lot and the inbound document used
> Full control of the security labels/seals identifying the raw materials and WIP at every stage
> Plates used in printing stages with the identification of the supplier batch/lot from the blank plates
> Clear identification of each operator participating in every stage of the production

In case of banknotes:
> Traceability information also includes detailed BPS's information about Ok, Not Ok, Shredded or Rejected banknotes
> System presents all information about what bundle/shrink-wrap/box/pallet was the specific banknote as well as others packed together
> Individual banknote can be traced back to the sheet where it was printed, with the exact position in the sheet, and also what were the other banknotes in the same sheet
> A heat chart is presented with the information about what are the sheet positions with more problems during the banknotes processing


Quality Control


Main Features

> Setting up tests / quality controls
> Quality control of incoming materials
> Quality controls during the process
> Issuing of the Certificate of Conformity
> Audit and management of non-conformities
> Corrective and preventive orders
Immediate and corrective costs
> Safety protocol forms
> Fully assisted final control inspections with a record of tests and results operated, allowing the generation of reproduction cycles or the approval of batches with final reconciliation and waste management


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