Improve Operational Efficiency and Profitability in the Flexible Packaging Industry

In the dynamic world of the flexible packaging industry, Sistrade's software is a game-changer. Designed to streamline your production process, it not only boosts efficiency and profitability but also contributes to environmental conservation by promoting reduced energy consumption, raw material usage, and waste generation.

Sistrade software is tailored to the unique needs of the flexible packaging sector, handling a variety of product types and formats. From reels, micro-perforated, macro-perforated, to an array of bags including Doypack, Flowpack, Pillow, Gusseted, Stand-Up, Three-Side-Seal, Block Bottom, Reclosable, Steelo Bag, and Cone Bag, our software accommodates it all. It also supports a range of lamination options from simple/mono, duplex, triplex to quadriplex, and printing techniques, including Rotogravure, Flexography, and Digital printing, ensuring the durability and quality of your packaging.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the flexible packaging industry, Sistrade software stands as a beacon of innovation. We're committed to keeping our software at the forefront of technology and trends, providing our clients with the most efficient, sustainable, and profitable solutions for their printing operations.



Sistrade Software for Flexible Packaging allows:

> Fast estimating, detailed cost calculation and financial indicators
> Email the quotation directly from the system
> Internal workflow along all the departments
> Technical Data Sheets
> Graphical Process Management
> Imposition Plan optimization
> Management of cylinders/clichés
> Warehouse and Stocks management
> Materials Requirement Planning (MRP)
> Plastic Extrusion formulation
> Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
> Quality Control
> Electronic management of documents
> Standard reports, report generator, Dynamic Dashboards and Business Intelligence


MIS Software for Flexible Packaging Estimating

The flexible packaging has to comply with a large number of safety regulations and requirements. The more demanding are the regulations, the more complex is the packaging structure, the more specific is estimating and it is critical that all the details are included for a cost-effective enterprise.
Estimating has never been so simple! In just a minute the user can enter the customer data, type of product, technical details about the job, simulate other quantities, apply margins, analyze the financial indicators and send directly the quotation by email through the system.



General Data

  • Contact information
  • Agent or vendor association
  • Multi-currency
  • Product format, quantity, reference
  • Request and expiration dates
  • Product description
  • Internal comments
  • Simulation of other quantities
  • Detailed financial costs
  • Margins application
  • Email directly to the client
  • Workflow for approval
  • Agile orders generation
  • Technical Data Sheet automatic generation
  • Attachment of documents

Technical data

  • Base materials
  • Pantone/inks
  • Varnish, glue and solvent
  • Production processes:
    • Printing
    • Lamination
    • Rewinding
    • Sealing
    • Confection
    • Holes/Punctures
  • Other operations: pre-press
  • Raw materials and other
  • Manufacturing stages


Production Processes and Cost Calculation

  • Job difficulty
  • Automatic machine suggestion
  • Imposition plan
  • Detailed record of all manufacturing stages and production time
  • General costs of components, setup, printing, inks, solvents and glues
  • Costs of materials and resources, machines setup times and respective needs
  • Value and % of cost by manufacturing stage
  • Prepress and finishing operations, including subcontracting stages
  • Application of financial margins, with margins index, commissions, administrative costs, fixed costs and rappel
  • Multi-currency price definition
  • Possibility to simulate several other quantities simultaneously, with margin inclusion
  • Determination of the cost and selling price by quantity
  • Add competitor's data
  • Internal approval workflow


Technical Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet stores all the information related to a specific product estimate that was previously approved through the workflow. Associated with an estimate/order that was previously approved, TDS are fundamental in the production of new products and repetition of products with changes.


Key information

  • Product and customer data
  • Linked products
  • Raw materials
  • Weights per image
  • Incorporated products in confection, for Gusset (Side/Bottom) application and Loop Handle
  • Clichés assembly
  • Detailed and easy view of all production processes
  • Tube film
  • Definition of rewinding directions based on if the product is printed, laminated (duplex, triplex, quadriplex) or rewound
  • Speed, Setup time, Waste in meters and % for the manufacturing stages
  • Subcontracting processes
  • Possibility to copy the TDS, make changes and create a new one
  • Technical approval based on signature permission level

Information configurable and recorded on the TDS

  • Printing
  • Assembly
  • Testing
  • Rewinding Prelamination
  • Lamination
  • Rewinding/Cut
  • Sealing
  • Rewinding pre-application of sidebands
  • Application of sidebands
  • Rewinding Pre-confectioning
  • Confectioning/Cut
  • Rewinding Post-confection
  • Application of filters or punctures
  • Quality Control
  • Packaging
  • Wait time between processes


Graphical Process Management

Sistrade software system allows users to control in real-time the status of all the different graphical processes of the products and also confirm if the customer approves all the information, files and samples.

  • Control of the printing process status
  • Process charts management for review
  • Composition of the graphical elements
  • Control of graphical processes that are pending reception of cliché/cylinder
  • Colours and cylinders, with measurements and tolerances
  • Control of elements to be sent or received from the customer
  • Status control of approval: by customer, internally and by supplier of clichés/cylinders


Plastic Extrusion

  • Automatic data acquisition from extruder machine
  • Raw materials consumption and formulation on time
  • System automation detects new production
  • Quality Control of each produced package
  • Supervision control, performance, OEE, downtimes, productions
  • Detailed information on palletization providing a restriction on weight, diameters or meters to produce per reel

Plastic Extrusion Technical Data Sheet

  • Technical information related to Extrusion process with detailed information
    • Type of extrusion
    • Machine speed
    • Corona treatment
    • Blow-up ratio and blow head temperature
    • Formulation by extruder
    • Set of formulations
  • Control of who registered and who changed the Technical Data Sheet
  • Technical approval based on signature permission level
  • Detailed composition of all formulation of each extruder
  • Possibility to define Extrusion process combined with the printing process


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