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Innovation is one of the key drivers of the SISTRADE product line. As an innovative company, SISTRADE is always seeking to enhance its innovation capabilities to anticipate new technologies and the needs of its customers. As such, SISTRADE has an internal innovation group called the Sistrade Research Nucleus, dedicated to intensive research and development. On the other hand, SISTRADE has a set of highly skilled software engineers with extensive software development experience and focus both on time proven and recent technologies.

SISTRADE is always seeking for new partnerships to jointly plan and develop bold innovation projects and to go beyond the frontiers of knowledge and technology. In an open innovation world, we do not have a “one size-fits all” approach nor pre-conceived ideas: each project is a different endeavor. Flexibility is key: we can bring intensive advanced research capability, software development expertise, testing or management. We can also bring valuable data and valuable partners from our extensive customer network – if an end-user pilot is needed, we can bring it. We have a successful track of national and international projects and are always eager to listen your ideas – drop us a line!

R&D Interest Areas

> Industry 4.0
> Augmented Reality
> Operations Research
> AI and ML
> Ecoefficiency
> Software Engineering
> Big Data
> Creative Sectors



Industry 4.0 / Smart Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 has been a hot topic in the recent years, and will continue to be as industries make their transition into this new paradigm. SISTRADE has participated in many projects in the Industry 4.0 and has experience topics such as the Digital Twin, Digital Thread, Predictive Maintenance, Automated Warehousing and AGV control, ERP/MES, distributed manufacturing etc. In addition to this, SISTRADE benefits from having a close relationship with its industry customers and deep experience in the provision of industry software solutions.


Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is trending technology which allows to overlap the reality with digital visual artifacts in order to enrich the reality with additional visual information. Sistrade has in-house experience in developing Augmented Reality solutions for industrial application, both through specialized AR eyeglasses (Microsoft Hololens) and mobile devices.

Operations Research

Operations Research is a knowledge area with an ever increasing area of application. The need of efficient planning and optimization is a transversal need to all business and industrial activities.
SISTRADE has great experience in the Operations Research area, namely in the network optimization, production scheduling optimization, and it is always keen to expand its knowledge and experience in these areas and explore the interconnection with other knowledge areas.



User Experience is a fundamental research area when it comes to system design. The industry 4.0 and the technological evolution have been pushing the need for efficient interaction in user interfaces and industrial systems.
SISTRADE is deeply committed to the research of User Experience and Human-Machine interfaces both in the software engineering and industry approaches as a way of improving perceived value from the user perspective.



As digitization progresses in all economical and societal areas and there is a big surge in interconnected devices, persons and organizations, there is a corresponding increase of the opportunity of attack by ill-intentioned actors.
As a software consulting company whose software is implemented in several industries and activity sectors globally, SISTRADE is profoundly interested in constantly pursuing applied research in conjunction with cybersecurity players and to foster technology transfer to improve the security of its products.


Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

The growing automation and digitization implies the corresponding analysis and decision of automated systems. As the data flows increase and their swift treatment goes beyond human capabilities, there is the need to allow machines perform automated reasoning tasks with ever increasing complexity.
Sistrade is currently developing their capabilities in the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning field and has given maximum relevance to current and potential projects and collaborations in this area in all fields of application.



Environment and efficiency are closely related in the economy of the future. A more environmentally friendly economy needs more efficient industries with minimal waste.
SISTRADE has already developed innovative software solutions to measure and optimize the efficiency of the production systems and has been researching several methodologies to improve economic performance of the industries. In this direction, SISTRADE considers that joint research and development work with external industrial and research partners is highly desirable, being totally open to cooperation initiatives and projects.


Software Engineering

SISTRADE, as a software consulting company, has a long experience on software development. This experience is reflected in the qualification of its human resources, the acceptance of its product line and the excellence of its software implementations.
SISTRADE is a solid and reliable software engineering partner for every project, offering bespoke solutions for each project, with advanced requirement elicitation, system architecture and design, development, integration, testing and software lifecycle management capabilities. The openness to learn new technologies and to work effectively with other partners is also a plus that makes SISTRADE the right option for R&D projects.



The Industry 4.0 paradigm implies massive amounts of data flowing bottom-up, with the data being produced at the equipment level and flowing up to the higher levels of the organization. The production and communication of data at the equipment level needs an array of sensors and networked devices. I-IOT is fundamental for the comprehensive digitization of processes, and as such, it is a field of high relevance for SISTRADE, and highly desirable for potential projects.


Big Data

Data is the core and cornerstone of Industry 4.0. The massive data gathered by I-IOT infrastructures need effective transmission, cleaning, treatment, marshalling and storage. Being so, Big Data is a knowledge area highly regarded by SISTRADE, which has participated in several projects in this field. SISTRADE is currently developing its internal capabilities and looks forward to collaborate in ambitious projects in this field.


Creative Sectors

SISTRADE also participates in R&D activities outside its traditional industrial and business sectors. Great examples are two projects where SISTRADE participates in the creative sectors: the development of a social platform to streamline the creation of scientific video contents and the creation of a collaborative platform to enhance the value of the paper book with digital contents.


Innovate with us

No problem is too difficult and no project is too out of scope for us. We listen your ideas. We are creative. We believe that open innovation, where several partners with complimentary competences work together to promote ideas, foster technology transfer, and bring together different experiences and innovative approaches is the key to overcome the natural limitations that every partner faces individually. SISTRADE has a solid track of successful projects nationally and internationally, being a reliable and experienced partner. SISTRADE is a recognized member of industrial cluster organizations and has a history of successful mutually beneficial cooperation with companies, research institutions and universities.





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