Sistrade MIS/ERP solution to boost your company’s performance

Sistrade MIS/ERP is a business process management-oriented solution developed by SISTRADE. It is an integrated and automated solution that provides medium and large companies with the smart estimating feature, order management, purchasing, stocks, production management, financial area management and other features.

Sistrade is a web-oriented software ready to settle in the business-to-business world, improving operations and efficiency for sustainable profit growth aligned with the main Industry 4.0 concepts. By the means of features that ensure adherence to the digitalization through the integration, IoT and treatment of Big Data, Sistrade helps leading companies on their way to digital transformation. The application interface is all web-based, it is available from an Internet browser which allows access anywhere in the world.

* MIS (Management Information System) / ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Sistrade MIS/ERP is available for specific business processes such as:

Printing & Packaging


Labels & Flexible Packaging


Other Industries


Sales Management

Sistrade MIS/ERP technological solution automates the sales area affecting the performance of all other company areas. Sistrade MIS|ERP tools allow vendors to find prospects, record quote requests, consult the current customer accounts. Using Sistrade CRM (Customer Relationship Management) it is possible to record customer contact and financial information, information on ongoing projects or orders, special pricing as well as competitive information that from now on is within reach of the sales team.

As a result of a web application, the management and monitoring of team performance and identification of emerging opportunities is much faster and more accurate. This is why sales teams can now offer more personalized service, while the management can focus on optimizing solutions for the performance increase.

The user can make estimates, record orders, record invoices, manage shipping process, analyse third parties, and other details, all of which are supported in a workflow. The intuitive and carefully developed workflow system manages approval rules between different entities (documents, people, processes, etc.) of the entire commercial area of the company.

Integration with the other areas of the company such as purchases, stocks and production area transforms this into a truly powerful tool that can assist any manager in decision-making process ensuring that entire sales management is not only accurate, quick and profitable but also in line with other departments of the company.


Logistics 4.0

Stocks and Purchases Management is crucial, as the performance in this area has direct outcomes in financial and operational results. The adoption of a faster, simpler and flexible stocks & purchase tool is essential to support the decisions. A great number of factors influence the efficiency of warehouse management operations, and with all the amount of small details to take into account, many facts can be overlooked and cause losses or delays. The adoption of a faster, simpler and flexible stocks & purchase tool solution is essential to support the decision. Stocks and purchases module is responsible for streamlining the entire purchase process and the suppliers’ approach towards the company’s value chain. The implementation of a warehouse management system can reduce your warehouse management costs down by 40 %. It can have a huge impact on the entire production process making it more efficient and profitable.


Production Management and Industry 4.0

Production management solution encompasses MES (Manufacturing Execution System), SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and Scheduling. A set of solutions which contributes to a systematic and consistent information flow within the company bringing more efficiency into the production process. This module, completely aligned with the main pillars of Industry 4.0, allows efficient flexible and integrated modelling, automating and optimizing the areas involved in production automation, scheduling, job orders management, industrial costing and production data collection allowing the users to focus on the analysis of quality and speed of performance indicators. The analysis results in quick decision making, faster detection of bottlenecks and increase in equipment availability, less waste, assisted calculation of industrial costs, overall improvement of industrial productivity and in itself – an improved customer service.

Real-time monitoring of all the production areas allows reducing production costs on account of shorter production time and having more accurate and reliable information from the shop floor. Whenever possible, data collection is done automatically, without human intervention, applying the concept of IoT (Internet of Things). Anywhere and at any time, the customer knows at what manufacturing stage the order is and when it will be finished. The Production Management module takes shop floor control to another level, providing detailed reports on manufacturing, employee and company resources performance.


Accounting, Financial & Human Resource Management

Financial management is a set of actions and administrative proceedings involving the planning, analysis and control of the company’s financial operations to maximize the economic and financial results from its operating activities. The Accounting module has automatic integration with other modules thus automating the entire process, resulting in a secure and fast integration of accounting entries and calculations, preventing the error and allowing a greater dedication of time for conferences and analysis. To facilitate and improve the management of the company’s human resources on an increasingly competitive labour market, SISTRADE has developed the Human Resource Management module. This tool was designed aiming to help any company to manage the main human resources performance-related issues as well as develop and encourage the company’s talents, identifying their needs and following the evolution. Fixed Assets module allows the user effective management of the entire lifecycle of the goods within a company, to carry out operations related to the asset and print reports of depreciation, revaluation and gains and losses.




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