Why ERP System is important for your Company?

The amount of information about the ERP systems is huge and can often be confusing if you are looking for a practical answer what it is, how it can transform your business and why your company needs it.

If you are looking for some answers regarding the ERP system, then you probably feel lost with the amount of information and data in your company, you see that your employees’ time is consumed by entering, re-entering and correcting the data within various applications which sometimes can lead to errors because it happens even to the best of us.

The use of many different applications to manage different business and production areas within the company can be quite complex. There is a lot of redundant repetition, a lot of time spent on entering the data into the systems and applications instead of actually taking advantage of the data through analysis reporting and analytics tool.

Resources that are involved in the management of the company are numerous and the effort necessary is significant. In the world where the efficient handling of data can put your company ahead of the competition. With the use of the ERP system the company’s data is centralized and integrated, the employees use their time more efficiently and the margin of error is significantly reduced.

The ERP system can also notably improve the analytics within the company through numerous reports that with the ERP system are within reach of a few clicks and otherwise would take much time to elaborate. Time-consuming tasks can be automated, the company resources’ efforts can be focused on increasing profit and productivity.

Are you ready for an ERP system?

And while for most of us all the advantages of ERP systems are already well known and understood, there comes another misconception, which always, and rightfully so, is related to the investment. It is widely known that the implementation of the ERP system can be quite demanding cost-and-time-wise, and very often there is a doubt, what if the ROI does not happen as fast as expected. Another idea has been around for quite some time and holds the most of the companies back, is that the ERP system implementation is only worth the effort for big enterprises because of initial investments. However, nowadays, cloud-based ERP systems are affordable to small and mid-size companies, therefore, one more reason for you to consider the implementation of the ERP system already this year.

ERP Integrated management solution for your business

ERP Sistrade® Software ensures integration of business and manufacturing processes within printing and packaging industry companies wishing to provide better quality products and services to the customers and make the information access easier. ERP Sistrade® Software fulfils all the daily needs of the company in terms of information and management. It is an integrated system to improve the infrastructure and unify the entire business process.

Start using Sistrade® ERP

Regardless of whether your company small, medium and large if you are looking for an integrated enterprise resource planning, Sistrade® ERP ensures:

  • Scalability
  • Mobility
  • Overall data reliability
  • Application adaptability to the business
  • Professional pre-sale and post-sale service
  • Information collection to support decision making
  • Innovative solution
  • Multiple-language support

Sistrade® ERP is in constant development and innovation. Not only to be adapted to the reality of various countries worldwide but also in order to satisfy the needs identified by users. This could be an excellent way to make data from all the departments accessible within your company. Making a step further towards the Industry 4.0 with the right ERP solution can make all the difference for your business.




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