Boost the efficiency and quality of corrugated board production

In the corrugated cardboard industry, efficiency and precision are key to success. In this context, SISTRADE offers a comprehensive, vertical solution designed to optimise every stage of the production process. Providing effective management, combining real-time supervision functionalities, product traceability, data analysis and KPI-driven decision-making, the system offers a comprehensive and detailed view of all operations. From production planning to quality control and stock management, every aspect of the process is monitored and optimised. This not only increases operational efficiency, but also reduces costs, minimises waste and ensures product compliance.


Sistrade Software for Corrugated Cardboard allows:

> Structured definition of the product's composition, specifying the papers to be used for each layer (both liners and fluting)
> Possibility of technically estimating any type of corrugated cardboard product, whether in reel, format/board or to include directly in packaging production
> Dynamic price list by product type, which can be linked to a specific customer or used as a general list
> Customer order registration assistant, linked to the price list
> Corrugated cardboard planning tool for optimising the production process
> Planning of the different production processes, including the corrugator, whether carried out in-line or in overload, with automatic sequencing based on different criteria
> Assisted recording of quantities produced, via connection to the corrugator
> Packing and palletising assistant connected to dispatch and load planning
> Automatic issue of identification labels for each product, either with standard layouts or customer-specific layouts


Estimate Management for Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

The process of estimating corrugated cardboard boxes starts with entering the relevant product data, including information on the type and dimensions of the box to be produced, specifications of the corrugated cardboard material to be used, printing and finishing requirements, desired quantity and any other project-specific details.
The FEFCO (Federation of European Corrugated Board Manufacturers) layout library in Sistrade software makes it easy to calculate the dimensions of the corrugated board to be produced, as well as the creases to be made in it (if necessary), in the quantities required:



Dynamic Price Lists

Dynamic price lists are a feature that allows prices to be adjusted automatically and flexibly based on different criteria and conditions. This option is particularly useful since prices can vary according to various factors, such as sales volume, discounts applied, contractual conditions, etc.

With dynamic pricing tables, you can define a pricing structure that intelligently adapts to your business needs. For example, you can establish progressive discounts based on the volume of products purchased, set differentiated prices for different customers or market segments, or even adjust prices automatically in response to changes in the market or competitors.
In addition, dynamic price lists allow for more efficient price management, since updates can be made centrally and instantly, ensuring that all prices for all products and customers are effectively in line with the company's pricing policy.
In short, dynamic pricing tables are a powerful tool for optimising price management, providing greater flexibility, control and efficiency in defining and updating the prices of the products or services offered by the company.

Customer Orders

In Sistrade software, the process of registering customer orders is made easier through the order registration wizard functionality, which is designed to make the order registration process intuitive and efficient.

This wizard guides the user step by step through the process of registering a new order, helping them to enter all the necessary information correctly and completely. While filling in the fields, the wizard can provide suggestions based on data previously recorded in the system, making it easier to enter repetitive information and reducing the risk of errors. In addition, it can include real-time validations to ensure that the data entered is consistent and accurate.

Corrugated Cardboard Planning

Sistrade software offers the corrugated cardboard planning tool to optimise the cutting process and material utilisation during corrugated cardboard production.

This feature analyses production specifications, such as the dimensions of the products to be manufactured, material availability and any operational restrictions, such as machine or material constraints.
Based on this information, the software calculates the most efficient arrangement of the products to minimise waste and maximise material use. The aim is to find the layout that allows all the necessary products to be produced with the least amount of material, avoiding unnecessary cuts or empty spaces.
This functionality is essential for companies working in corrugated cardboard production, as it helps to reduce costs, minimise material waste and increase the operational efficiency of the production process.




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