Sistrade software has adapted to the new reality of Digital Printing Industry with its own specificity, enabling implementation in the printing and packaging industry working in the field of digital printing of small and large formats and leaflets. As this is a completely configurable application and is quite flexible in adapting to the realities of each company and parameterization of new inherent features in different business areas.

Digital Printing Estimating

The entire production cycle is effectively covered by Sistrade software, and allied to the basic features, specific solutions are presented for this sector, among which we highlight:



General Estimate Data

  • Estimates done by cameras and plotters
  • Continuous automatic calculation of the imposition
  • Imposition calculation with a simple or mixed orientation of the items
  • Optimization of the base material costs: canvas, paper, etc.
  • Detailed calculation of costs
  • Simulation of other quantities
  • Workflow for estimates approval
  • Application of margins and economic/financial analysis of the estimate
  • E-mailing the estimate to the customer

Job Definition

  • Introduction of items fully adjusted to the customer
  • Definition of the type of format and quantity
  • Definition of the customer’s base material
  • Information about the type of base material
  • Values of left, right, top and bottom masses
  • Value of the separation (mm) between jobs
  • Value of the horizontal and vertical overlapping (mm)

Printing Imposition Calculation

  • The system suggests the machine that should print, according to the selected type of support
  • By selecting the required machine, the estimator may analyze the printing imposition suggested by the system
  • The system automatically calculates the printing imposition, according to the different item orientations
  • The user may select different support widths and verify the new printing imposition calculated by the system
  • The machine printing speed is estimated by the system, according to the type of support and the previously made customization


All modules have the most relevant indicators to be presented for each area, such as the total of invoicing in sales, the occupation of the stocks in the warehouses, approved production orders in production, the total of debit and credit in accounting, the number of active employees in human resources and many others.



With this important tool, users can analyze important information about the company filtered by:

  • Week/month/quarter/semester/year/financial year and other periods
  • Client/vendor/country

Key information available for:

  • CRM
  • Sales
  • Procurement
  • Stocks
  • Production
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Quality Control
  • Treasury
  • Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Fixed Assets


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