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The solution of Estimating / Offer Management developed by SISTRADE enables organizations to formulate Estimating/Offer Management in a structured way and based on parameterizations that allow responding to the customers in the shortest and in convenient period of time. These quick rate of return results are visible for the company [THE RETURN OF INVESTMENT (ROI)].

Using Sistrade® software customer or vendor, anywhere in the world through any device can enter the initial data of the estimate for subsequent calculation of the estimator. The estimate may be performed based on work already repeated or created as new work, after the registration system determines the cost price and calculates the margins.

Sistrade® creates a estimate mentioning the details of the production, including all the relevant costs and features of the final product and does it according to the commercial sequence:



Sistrade® MIS|ERP, while preparing an estimate, allows controlling the information provided by the customer immediately calculates all costs associated with work including the general components and preparation costs, production costs, shipping and transportation costs, assessing the measures of the work format, costs of resources/machines, setup times and their needs; operations costs including subcontract stages; overall cost with cost/benefit identification. In the end, financial margins are applied, with banks rates, fees, administrative costs, fixed costs, rappel, etc. Estimate or Offer is printed in the language and currency of the client and can be sent via email. After the estimate calculation for the base quantity is completed, Sistrade® software allows the calculation of estimating values for other quantities based on the estimate for the base quantity.

Sistrade® is capable to provide the user with all the necessary tools to manage all printing industries which work in the commercial area, producing booklets, magazines, books, and other. It is a completely customizable solution with the power to be implemented according to the specific needs both in terms of necessary modules or tools adjusted to the reality of any company, it is very flexible to new specifications.

Newspaper printing industry has particular characteristics with the specific management and control needs of this sector. For obtaining high-quality results, it is essential to have effective control of all the stages of the production of the work, quick and reliable stock management, as well as information systems that respond to all the processes related to content printing in rotary coldset web offset printers that are reel-fed.

Sistrade® provides the range of solution for the printing industry. This project comes from the need to implement Sistrade® in the printing industry working in the area of label printing, including printing of labels and stickers. It is a completely customizable application, it is very flexible to new specifications.

This label printing sector due to the associated output format, differs from the rest of printing industry sectors, placing an increased emphasis on the technical sector, combined with the specific (parameterized) estimating according to the product type (label) versus the production control in real time.

Sistrade® specializes in the packaging area, cardboard boxes, corrugated cardboard, and other common jobs in this sector. It can provide you with all the tools to manage companies which work in the manufacturing of packaging. Packaging industry is undoubtedly considered as one of the most growing industries that requires advanced technology in terms of machinery, and naturally, information system that provides support to the whole business & production process, thus, making this industry more efficient and of higher quality standards.

Sistrade® covers and controls the entire production cycle, including all stages of manufacture from the job modelling/prototyping and pre-press, press, lamination, die-cutting, folding/glueing and assembly work, to preparation for shipment, and the specific nature of each job is handled effectively.

This sector of the flexible packaging industry due to the associated output format, differs from the rest of the printing and packaging industry, placing an increased emphasis on the technical sector, including technical definition of the product, which is supported by Flexible Packaging Technical Data-Sheet, Graphical processes, Extrusion Technical Data-Sheet and Resin Mixture Technical Data-Sheet, combined with the specific (parameterized) estimating according to the product type (flexible packaging) versus the production control in real time.

The extrusion is undoubtedly a complex process that requires advanced technology in terms of machinery and naturally, supported by an information system with data acquisition makes production more efficient and of higher quality.

Since we consider that the extrusion industry has greater importance when associated with the processing of plastic, we directed our efforts towards the development of tools and technological solutions that would add value in this sector. There are various methods of extrusion, however, we concentrate on blown film, cast processes.

The extrusion process consists in material pressure through a barrel, in order to give the material the same cross-section as one of the barrels.

Digital Printing has its own particularities, Sistrade® has adapted to this reality, enabling implementation in the printing and packaging industry working in the field of digital printing of small and large formats and leaflets. As this is a completely configurable application and is very flexible in adapting to the realities of each company and can be customised to new inherent features in different business areas.

Sistrade® specializes in the forms area, continuous or not. This project comes from the need to implement Sistrade® in the printing and packaging industries which work in the form printing area. It is a completely customizable application, and it is very flexible at new specifications.

In order to respond to the specific area of woven labels and ribbons, Sistrade® for industries within that sector was developed. It is a completely customizable system, making it perfectly adaptable to the realities of each business and flexible in incorporating specific features.

The editorial sector is a sector of activities which presents the production of medium/large graphic productions, thus, Sistrade® specializes in this area of work. This vertical integration of Sistrade® responds to the needs of the publishing industry, which develops a wide range of operational activities related to the production and marketing of newspapers and magazines on different publication frequency.

Small and medium enterprises form the basis of the metalworking industry. This industry consists of workshops and component manufacturers using various manufacturing processes. In some cases, these companies are experts in particular processes. The metalworking sector often uses an interrupted production process, piece by piece. The production of large parts requires greater attention to the management of time and costs.

Sometimes the production of parts is quite extensive, during the transformation process performed by various people and machines as well as mismanagement of machinery and manpower the cost of the product can increase.

Screen Printing & Textile industry is the sector of the economy devoted to the production of clothing, fabrics, yarn, fibre and screen printing.

For Screen Printing & Textile Industry SISTRADE guarantees an advanced technological solution that effectively responds to a specific sector and at the same time presents a team with skills and experience to implement a business management project in an effective manner.

The food industry traditionally is a sector with concerns of quality, hygiene, security and logistics, adjusting advanced technology for this purpose. Typically it is an area that uses technology solutions to automate the process of filling, cleaning, CIP (cleaning in place), washing, although it is lacking in the use of control and supervision system of the entire industrial park, or even in the implementation processes that optimize the logistics process. SISTRADE is committed to addressing these needs, focusing on providing solutions that respond excellently to the growing demand for increasing quality and productivity, reducing costs and environmental suitability of the food industry.

SISTRADE presents its innovations for yet another market, providing new integrated solutions for producers of cables and suppliers of transmission and distribution of electricity.

SISTRADE developed specific solutions for this sector in order to manage and control the production of cables. The system is prepared to work with insulated cables (low, medium and high voltage), including underground and submarine cables; bare aerial conductors; aluminium or copper cables; and other types of cables.


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