SCADA Software for Industry 4.0


SCADA solution is a new generation of industry software that revolutionizes all technology playing an important role in smart factories applying the concept of IoT. Data analysis is the core of Industry 4.0. The large amount of data within the companies without treatment and analysis instead of being beneficial has no use at all. Before any decision is made the data needs effective transmission, cleaning, treatment, marshalling and storage.

The shift to the new generation of SCADA is identified by the fact that it is 100% web-based, multiplatform and the amount of data collected at every moment, where SQL Server is complemented by Mongo DB to handle Big Data, opening the door to the Data Analytics field. Using data analytics techniques, a combination of factors and certain conditions (humidity, temperature, etc.) allows to statistically determine the cause of the production process defect; for equipment breakdown anticipation, through breakdown data history from sensors, before the equipment breakdown, again using data analytics techniques it is possible to anticipate a breakdown and start preventive equipment maintenance.



Advantages of SCADA

> Local or remote supervision, multi-factory
> Real-time equipment status
> Equipment breakdown or sensors outside limit alerts
> Instant production status overview and indicators on Andon Boards
> Sending instructions to machines or production lines
> Automatic loading of all process parameters on the equipment
> Real-time operation status of each machine
> Identification of employees working on the machine
> Monitor ongoing production order
> Real-time analysis of produced and rejected quantities
> Real-time control of raw material consumption
> Events per machine and job order
> Real-time control of machine parameters
> Data history analysis dashboards
> Downtimes and their reasons


Data Acquisition – Sistrade DAS

Depending on the project type, SISTRADE implements the most appropriate automatic data acquisition model for machines or production lines. For this, it provides technological platforms based on different types of data acquisition, such as:

  • Sistrade DAS Profinet
  • Sistrade DAS Componet
  • Sistrade DAS OPC Server
  • Sistrade DAS LinkDB
  • Sistrade DAS WebServices

To complement the automatic data acquisition system, SISTRADE installs collection points on tactile consoles or tablets so that operators can register elements where it is not possible to retrieve them automatically.


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