How to Increase Production Efficiency?

A production management software is an essential tool for companies that want to optimize their production processes and achieve greater efficiency in their operations. A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) enables the monitoring, control, and optimization of production processes, promoting efficiency, quality, and visibility of industrial operations. It offers features such as real-time monitoring, traceability, quality control, process optimization, inventory management, and integration with other systems, providing more effective and informed production management.

Sistrade MES (Manufacturing Execution System) software provides companies with solutions for industrial process automation in line with the Industry 4.0 paradigm. The implementation of technologies as the internet of things (IoT); the instant monitoring of key performance indicators, such as OEE; dynamic production planning, are the first step to guarantee an improvement in industrial performance.

SISTRADE offers solutions allowing to generate appropriate information to quickly support decisions, incrementing productivity, aligned with the foundations of Industry 4.0.


The digital transformation supported by the Sistrade MES solution



> Maximum automation of shop floor data collection
> Real-time information for quick decision making
> OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) index measurement
> Equipment availability increase
> Waste reduction
> Reduction in production costs on account of shorter production time
> Collected information is more accurate and reliable
> Bottleneck detection
> Assisted calculation of industrial costs
> Overall improvement of industrial productivity
> Total production process traceability
> Process parameter monitoring and control
> Improved customer service
> Continuous improvement support


Job Order (JO)

Job guidelines sent to the shop floor are called Job Order and can be issued manually or generated automatically through the customer order registration or through MRP (Material Requirements Planning).

  • Automatic generation through MRP
  • Series and version management
  • Approval workflow
  • Bill of materials - List of materials to consume
  • Routing of process
  • Attach documents to support the production process
  • Machine parameters
  • Direct connection with Technical Data Sheet
  • Grouped JO
  • Production lot definition

The Technical Data Sheet module is a software component that can be part of the Sistrade MES solution. In the technical data sheet, the user defines all elements related to the production of article X for customer Y. In the technical data sheet it is possible to define the machines involved in the production process, as well as the process and control parameters for the manufacture of the product. Another relevant aspect of the TSD is the definition of the tolerance intervals for each control parameter for the warning system. Through the values collected automatically from the machine, the system crosses the value read with the tolerance range.


Data acquisition


Whenever possible, data collection is done automatically, without human intervention, applying the concept of “Internet of Things”. In any case, there are always some elements that the system cannot identify without the help of the operator. In this case, data collection will be done using industrial touch screen consoles, or mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones. Sistrade software allows organizations to automate their production processes, and optimize their production lines and transform into a SMART FACTORY.

Data collection features

  • Production plan overview
  • Assisted start of job orders
  • Operation time control
  • Operator allocation
  • Material consumption registration
  • Unproductive time control
  • Record and classification of produced lots
  • Production history
  • Record and classification of produced lots
  • Quality control

Automatic data acquisition advantages

  • Increased data reliability
  • Minimize human error
  • Accurate collected information
  • Speed in obtaining data

Collect data automatically

  • Through proprietary acquisition cards
  • Through standard PLC (e.g. Omron, Siemens, …)
  • Through standard protocol (e.g., OPC Server, XML, …)
  • Through relational databases of the machines

Examples of signals to be collected automatically from the machine

  • Machine status (Run/ Stop)
  • Instantaneous speed
  • Average speed
  • Produced quantity
  • Setup and production time
  • Downtime and its reason
  • Consumed material quantity
  • Other relevant production process signals


Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)


Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) quantifies how well a manufacturing unit performs compared to its designed capacity, during its operational periods. Sistrade software delivers OEE supervision and analysis in real time to optimize production performance and efficiency, contributing to a company’s continuous improvement.

  • Current performance analysis
  • Downtime analysis
  • Availability ratio
  • Efficiency ratio
  • Quality ratio
  • OEE ratio
  • Charts and reports
  • Efficiency and reliability optimization
  • Performance by shift, machine, employee, day, month and year
  • Other performance indicators


Production Record

Sistrade MES is ready to register products manually, by the operator through the console, or automatically via PLC, by placing sensors on the machines.

  • Registration of produced quantity in the industrial console
  • Registration of produced quantity via industrial automation
  • Connection to weighing equipment to determine weight
  • Direct waste record with connection to scales
  • Production in two measuring units (e.g. meters and kilograms)
  • Production process traceability


Raw material consumption


Sistrade MES offers different ways to record consumption of materials in the machine. The consumption methods are configured to the needs of each client. Either manual raw material consumption or fully automatic consumption, the system even allows a hybrid consumption mode for the same JO on a particular machine, where part of the material is registered by reading the barcode on the packaging and other is consumed automatically.

  • Multi-level definition of a bill of materials
  • Manual consumption with barcode reading
  • Automatic consumption based on backflush
  • Pre-confirmation of the stock outputs
  • Formulation definition with the start of JO
  • Instantaneous consumption per machine and shift
  • Alerts for the raw materials placement per JO and machine
  • Warning systems for deviations in consumption vs production


Industrial Costs


A production process can be very expensive, that is why managing industrial costs is a key activity for every manufacturing company. The sum of direct costs of materials, employees and production costs is the industrial cost of manufacturing. Sistrade software offers a solution to record all the material costs, including indirect costs to calculate cost estimation closest to real.

  • Real job order cost
  • Work in process cost
  • Estimated/real cost comparison
  • Order profitability
  • Automatic update of standard costs
  • Distribution of indirect costs by manufacturing stage
  • Distribution of indirect costs by cost centres


Quality Control

A company's reputation relies on its products and services quality, which requires a high degree of quality control to fulfill clients' requirements. Sistrade MES offers a wide range of solutions to improve product quality control, focusing on detecting non-conformities, calibrating equipment, managing equipment costs. The software is prepared to respond in real-time to all challenges, giving the user the possibility to record every information for future history analysis. Additionally, this module can track each equipment and material available, in terms of non-conformities, tests, and inspections.

Main Features

  • Configuration of quality parameters by type of process
  • Definition of tolerance intervals in absolute value or percentage
  • User-friendly interface for quality records
  • Quality control history
  • Product reclassification statistics
  • Quality certificates
  • Complete production process traceability
  • User identification, date, time where the test was performed
  • Interface optimized for touch screen and portable data terminal
  • Possibility to connect to measuring equipment


Asset management

Asset management requires special attention from any organization, especially the ones, which have equipment as crucial investments. Poor asset management can lead to huge financial losses.
This module offers a maintenance control tool for all infrastructures, equipment and components, covering maintenance planning, maintenance order management including preventive and corrective maintenance.

Main Features

  • Hierarchical structure of assets
  • Equipment tree
  • Detailed equipment sheet
  • Automated maintenance requests
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Recorded incidents and interventions
  • Generation of maintenance request from production data collection
  • Integration with Scheduling
  • Maintenance analysis
  • Alerts for response times above default



Production Reports


To manage production, a more methodical analysis is required through interactive reports in order to obtain the most pertinent information to support the decision making process. The Production Management module takes SHOP FLOOR CONTROL to another level, providing detailed reports on manufacturing, employee and company resources performance.

  • Current machine operation status
  • Real-time machines speed
  • Speed history chart
  • Automatic downtime record and cause
  • Occupancy rates
  • Consult job orders
  • Machine and production time and its deviations
  • Setup analysis
  • Jobs in machine analysis
  • Job order waiting times per section and operating summary
  • Production data collection detailed registration
  • Report employee productivity, presence and supervision control
  • Analysis of resources and waste by JO
  • List of needs
  • SCADA 3D of plant layout


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