Sistrade software is an MIS|ERP developed for the woven labels and ribbons industry by SISTRADE based on the most recent computer engineering tools, allowing the access to all the features through the Internet, facilitating company’s management from any place. This is a web-oriented system with a Web-based interface and a database in SQL Server.

In order to respond to the specific area of woven labels and ribbons, Sistrade MIS/ERP software for industry within that sector was developed. It is a completely customizable system, making it perfectly adaptable to the realities of each business and flexible in incorporating specific features.

General Estimate Data

  • Estimating of all kinds of woven labels and ribbons: with or without woven selvedge, with or without inscription;
  • Automatic calculation of the number of ribbons per rapport in loom;
  • Analysis of needs and cost of yarns - warp and weft;
  • Automatic calculation of the time required for production;
  • Management of technical data-sheets of the work for customers, with the possibility of inserting product photography;
  • Comparison at any time of estimated versus produced in terms of production time and costs (direct and indirect);
  • Analysis of productive and unproductive time per machine/section.

Estimate Registration

  • Header includes all the customer data, including name, address, vendor, payment terms, shipping data, the desired quantity and description of work;
  • Technical specification for the work, indicating the type of work, its dimensions, the type of stitch to be used, the types of yarn for the warp and the weft, and other;
  • Internal remarks of the customer or other specifications;
  • Workflow, according to a predefined sequence of approvals.

Definition of the Parameters for Weaving

  • Defining the loom where the work can be done with all its technical features: rapport width, number of rapports, production efficiency, revolutions per minute (RPM);
  • Selecting stitch type of work, including, taffeta and satin, giving the number of crossings per centimetre;
  • Fill the size with inscription, calculate the necessary amount of yarns;
  • Indication of the loom of whether to cut or not, to separate the different ribbons.

Estimate Cost Calculation

  • Overall costs of components and preparation;
  • Weaving costs, evaluating the dimensions of work, stitch type, existence of inscription, number of colours;
  • Costs for the yarn and warp for the weft, with the possibility of selection of yarn to use for each situation;
  • Automatic calculation of production indicators: production in 24 hours in units and in meters, points per unit, per meter and per total quantity;
  • Costs with resources/machines, setup times, production, cutting and creasing, finishing;
  • Operations for each production stage, including sub-contracted operations;
  • Overall cost, identifying cost/benefit;
  • Vendor's/agent's commissions;
  • Application of financial margins, with bank rates, fees, administrative costs, fixed costs, rappel, etc..;
  • Financial indicators.


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