What is CRM?

CRM (Customer relationship management) is, nowadays, an essential tool for your company seeking to raise the quality parameters in terms of relationship with your customer. The great competitiveness and, very often the recession, obliges companies to adapt and seek a method of boosting the relationship with their customers in order not only to maintain the existing relationship but also to improve it, and what is more, identify and focus on the most important clients – as according to the Pareto Principle, 20% of the company clients represent 80% of turnover – increasing the gains and fostering a relationship of trust and loyalty.

In addition to the focus on already existing customers, Sistrade CRM also provides tools for market research, allowing the management of potential customers, of new offers and their outcomes, and studying the reasons that led to the approval or rejection of the offer, therefore implementing a continuous improvement in the sales process, ensuring that the mistakes are not repeated and getting feedback from customers that might be useful in the future.

A portfolio of satisfied customer has an immediate impact in your company because it implies higher returns to the company by the customer and therefore, the increase of sales volume, the volume of commissions related to vendors, the decrease of complaints and the improvement of the production process by increasing efficiency.
The main objective of Sistrade CRM module is to provide the tools necessary for the company in order to cover all points of customer satisfaction, allowing you to work not only in a more committed but mostly in a more intelligent way, providing all the necessary information just in time.



Management of events (meeting, business visit, etc.) which are either scheduled or with a defined periodicity. The purpose of events is to define activities to be performed with a given client, over a given period of time. Consultation of events per day, week or month for each user.



Possibility to provide an estimate of sales with objectives set according to certain parameters such as year, vendor, client, product type, item and other, which can be defined by the amount of sale or value of sales.


Sales Opportunities

The user can manage all the business opportunities or can insert the new opportunities with all the relevant details, follow the development of business with its status changes and make queries.



It is the top administrative tool that allows a quick view of the whole environment of the company. It ensures easy access to the key information of the company in an easy, fast and above all brief way so that decisions can be taken with the minimum possible risk, related to the previous study and with the low level of uncertainty. Estimates, orders, job orders, invoicing, complaints, available in a summarized form, is just some information presented in Sistrade CRM Dashboard.

After-Sales Service

All the companies wishing to differentiate themselves from the rest should establish high-quality standards. The complaints represent one of the factors to be considered in the search of these levels. Sistrade CRM module allows the user to manage the complaints in the company, providing all the relevant details in order to stop anomalous situations from arising, by the means of improvement of the production process. A more efficient production process is a result of a lower product cost and therefore, makes a company more competitive.



Possibility to visualize various reports of sales management and customer relationship management.

  • Accounts
  • Accounts and Addresses
  • Accounts and Contacts
  • Contacts and Addresses
  • Accounts and Recent Communication
  • Accounts and Sales Opportunities
  • Accounts Details
  • Complaints
  • Real/Estimated Turnover Development
  • Complaints Report
  • Annual Forecasts Statement
  • List of ABC Customers
  • Quarterly Performance Analysis
  • Accounts and Addresses by Supplier
  • Report of Occurrences by Customer
  • New Customers per Vendor
  • Change of Customers between Vendors



All modules have the most relevant indicators to be presented for each area, such as the total of invoicing in sales, the occupation of the stocks in the warehouses, approved production orders in production, the total of debit and credit in accounting, the number of active employees in human resources and many others.

With this important tool, users can analyze important information of the company filtered by:

  • Week/month/quarter/semester/year/financial year and other periods
  • Client/vendor/country


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