Easy and simple management of Human Resources in your company

People are vital elements for the existence and working of your company. Without these, no company could develop products or achieve good performance and productivity indices, to achieve its main objectives.

To develop and facilitate the management of your company's human resources, we have developed the Human Resources Management module of Sistrade software. With a pleasant interface and a wide range of features, this software allows you to manage simply and effectively all issues related to your company's human resources.

Combined with the Human Resources Management module of Sistrade software, we developed the Employee Portal, which works as a direct link to Sistrade software, to promote and facilitate the communication between Human Resources and Employees.



Tools that replace manual and routine work using automation are the keys to the present and future! Only in this way can Business Managers and Human Resources Managers be able to dedicate themselves to analytical, strategic, and decision-making topics. The tools of the Sistrade software respond to this issue, facilitating and creating more effective methodologies for Administrative Management of Human Resources and Talent Management. This tool also integrates with Accounting, in terms of salary, and integration with the Treasury in payments and salespeople’s commissions.

Employee Cadastre

Each employee has a sheet where all information that is relevant to the company will be recorded. The register is organized into several sections to facilitate filling in the data. The user can also add a photo of the employee, or even attach any file or document of the employee.

Time Record

Sistrade software allows interaction with the time clock and with the Employee Portal to automate the process of recording vacations, absences, attendance, and overtime.

Management of Work Timetable

Employee time management, using Sistrade software, streamlines the definition of shift schedules and rotating shift schedules. In the case of Schedules by rotating shifts, the user is allowed to define monthly scales, being able to indicate which shifts they should be working in certain periods.

Time Clock Management

Possibility of importing the registers made in time clock files and possibility to make time clock treatment in the Sistrade software. Allows the user to map with normal schedules and shifts. The software also allows you to enter absences and overtime.

Automatic payroll

Possibility to make automatic payroll processing for all employees. The user will be able to automatically process various types of receipts (Maturity, Holiday Subsidy, Christmas Subsidy, Extraordinary, etc.), and load meal cards.

Management of Occupational Safety and Health

Management of all information related to occupational safety and health, namely scheduling appointments, exams, immunization and health promotion actions, management of personal accidents and occupational diseases, as well as managing PPE deliveries. The Information on these topics is available on the employee portal.

Training Management

Possibility to manage the entire training process of your company, from the registration of the training to its evaluation. The training actions are available on the Employee Portal with information regarding the timetable, duration, and trainer.



The Employee Portal was developed to facilitate communication and ensure that all employees have access to important and relevant information. This tool is aligned with the Human Resources module of our Software, supporting configurable features and processes according to each organization. All data from the Employee Portal are interconnected and loaded into the Sistrade software.

Using the Employee Portal, employees can access to:

  • Access personal and professional data
  • Consult the company´s organizational chart
  • Record absence, vacation, attendance, and overtime
  • Consult performance evaluation data
  • Consult training plan data
  • Consult occupational safety and health data
  • Answering to happiness survey
  • Submit improvement suggestions
  • View Newsletters

Personal and Professional data

To centralize all employee personal data, the personal file allows employees to consult their personal and professional data. It is also possible for employees to make requests to change personal data. All personal and professional data from the Employee Portal are previously entered into Sistrade software by Human Resources.


Time Record

With this functionality, employees can request vacations, absences, attendance, overtime, and compensation, and also have access to the history of requests as well as pending requests. These markings need to be analyzed and validated, according to a validation system, previously defined by the organization, allowing the markings to be validated or not, by Human Resources.

Organizational Chart

Using the Employee Portal, the user has access to the company's organizational chart, allowing an overview of the constituent departments, levels of hierarchy, and employees. With this feature, the employee can view general information about colleagues, such as contacts and photographs. It is also possible with this tool to export the contact data of all employees. The company's Human Resources Managers, in Sistrade software, configure the structure and visible information of the organization chart.

Performance Management

Through the Employee Portal, the user can access the results of the performance management, previously carried out in Sistrade software, and can view the assessments that have been attributed either by a group of competencies or by competencies, as well as their evolution. The company's Human Resources Managers, using Sistrade software, configure the competencies and competencies groups and create performance evaluation surveys, which are later evaluated by the evaluators, on the employee portal.


To provide employees with information regarding training, Sistrade software allows employees to access the training plan and training assessments. Employees can see on which dates and times the training is scheduled and who the trainers are. The company's Human Resources Managers, using Sistrade software, can accept or reject requests for enrollment in new training by employees, as well as analyze the assessments attributed to the training carried out.

Occupational Safety and Health

Sistrade software allows the employee to consult data relating to Safety and Health at Work, independently and with updated data. With this tool, the employee has up-to-date information on the dates of consults performed and the future, can submit an appointment and a medical prescription, can consult records of work accidents, and also view and confirm the receipt of EPIS. The company's Human Resources Managers, using Sistrade software, can validate the receipt of PPE by employees, as well as confirm appointments and medical prescriptions.


To know the level of motivation and happiness of employees, Sistrade software allows the creation of happiness surveys, and, using the Employee Portal, employees can access and respond to happiness questionnaires. The company's Human Resources Managers, using Sistrade software, can analyze the responses to the happiness questionnaires, thus allowing them to conclude the employees' happiness index.

Improvement Suggestions

Employees with this tool are free to insert their suggestions known and inform the company about improvements they would like to see implemented. They can respond with several suggestions to the same survey and can also choose some person(s) or department(s) to send their suggestions for improvement. The company's Human Resources Managers, using Sistrade software, can analyze all employees' suggestions for improvement, allowing for constant improvement, adjusted to the needs.


This tool allows users with access to insert Newsletters in the Employee Portal and keep employees updated on corporate news. In turn, collaborators can view the inserted Newsletters.



Data organization is increasingly important, as it can facilitate and speed up the analysis of information. The various dashboards that we have to allow us to make a quick and concrete analysis of your organization. You can also filter by collaborator and date, allowing you to make a more detailed assessment of the information.

It allows the analysis of different data related to its employees, namely:

  • Absences
  • Vacations
  • Employment Contracts
  • Working Hours
  • Payroll
  • Performance Evaluation Results
  • Training
  • Happiness

Possibility of generating several internal and legal reports for good management of the company:

Internal reports, such as:

  • Pay Slips Report
  • Annual Salary Report
  • Absenteeism Report
  • Annual Income Tax Return Report
  • Social Security Contributions Report

Legal reports, such as:

  • Declaration of wages (TA)
  • Monthly Income Statement
  • Survey on Income and Workhours
  • Labour Compensation Fund


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