Sistrade® in Lidergraf - Artes Gráficas, S.A.
Lidergraf, specializing in the manufacture and marketing of printed products, began its life in September 1994. In 2001 moved to new premises, to complete a digital prepress area with the latest technology, "Computer-to-plate", a commercial rotary machine, 50 printing units in offset machines, printing forms, labels, and a section of post-press with a high level of mechanization. Since its inception, Lidergraf devotes considerable attention to the issue of Quality and Environment. In this context, the company was certified to ISO 9001:2000. In the context of a strategy to change the information system, Lidergraf in 2005, chose for his partner in the area of information technology SISTRADE - Software Consulting, S.A.

Interview with Cristiano Azevedo, Lidergraf IT Manager

How does Sistrade® fits the strategic decisions of Lidergraf in terms of investments?
The next summer Lidergraf celebrates twelve years of existence. The developing process since its inception has been characterized by an exponential growth in almost all dimensions. However, and as regards the area of information systems, until the last year we had a disjointed strategy. The current view in this area is characterized by a set of supported applications on different platforms where the level of integration is very low. Recognizing this inefficiency, in 2005, we were seeking a partner holding a comprehensive solution that could respond to our problems. Within the alternatives available on the market, SISTRADE and MIS|ERP Sistrade® seemed to be professedly the best solution and hence our choice.

What are the main investments forecasted for 2006 and 2007?
The key idea is still investing in growth. Over the past four years, the investment exceeded 15 million and in the coming years, we intend to maintain this policy. Apart from information technology, we will invest in the dynamic development of commercial area directing it to the Iberian market, and productive capacity in the rotary machinery segment.

What led Lidergraf to choose Sistrade® as an integrated management system?
Given the current problems of Lidergraf, the question of the system to be integrated is fundamental. Yet, there was an option for choosing a general system such as SAP or a more vertical as Sistrade®. We concluded that for our reality, especially in terms of estimating, it would be very difficult to use a general ERP. In addition, we identified problems in the integration of general solutions with workflows based on the industry standard for exchanging information, JDF. Therefore, the choice of Sistrade® seemed to us to be more clearly indicated not only by the intrinsic quality of the solution as well as the value so far demonstrated by SISTRADE team.