SISTRADE implements MIS|ERP Sistrade® in Luna Press. 
Luna Press, a leading company in the printing industry in Lebanon, was founded in 1967 but since then it did not stop its expansion in terms of technology and investment.

Luna Press Managing Director Mr. Inaam Zalloum has a unique motto "Adapt or Die".

Luna Press has a long history of success in providing high-quality packaging to a wide range of markets. That is why the company has focused its production on packaging covering the food, tobacco, cosmetic, cereal, pharmaceutical and household industry.

SISTRADE - Software Consulting, S.A. is a Portuguese Information Systems company of engineering and consulting, with offices in various countries, bringing innovative IT solutions for printing and packaging industry markets. The company has customers and partners in countries like Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Slovenia, Poland, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Turkey, Lebanon, Tunisia and Thailand. SISTRADE is certified as SME Leader, and in ISO 9001 and NP 4457 standards.

INTERVIEW to Luna Press in Packaging MEA Magazine PDF VERSION (English)

ERP is the key to adaptability

Luna Press lives by the mantra of its MD, who found the perfect system supplier in Sistrade

Leading Lebansese packaging print-converter Luna Press adopted the Sistrade ERP in 2014 and has not looked back. This fit perfectly into the motto of Luna Press Managing Director Inaam Zalloum, which is to “Adapt Or Die”.The company, founded in 1956, can attribute its success and longevity to this mantra, which has never been more evident than its decision to upgrade its integrated management system – and the consequent positive results. We spoke with Zalloum to learn more.

Packaging MEA (PMEA): Can you tell us more about Luna Press and the company’s history? 

Inaam Zalloum (IZ): Luna Press has a long tradition in the printing industry. It was founded in 1956, producing first commercial and advertising works and later folded carton boxes and labels. In the early ’90s, Luna Press moved into new manufacturing facilities and initiated a strategic In recent years our concern has been the technological upgrading to respond promptly to the needs of  each client and the requirements of domestic and foreign markets.

PMEA: Luna Press has implemented an ERP integrated management system from Sistrade. Did you already know the company? 

IZ: We knew Sistrade since 2010 and a few years ago we saw a demonstration of its integrated management system, but we were not looking to change our system at the time. Sistrade is very dynamic in its disclosure and communication policy, whereby over the past few years we were also following its development and internationalisation through the published articles and other marketing actions.

PMEA: What influenced Luna Press to implement an integrated management system?

IZ: With the growth of the company and the need to have an MIS system covering the production process from printing to cutting and gluing, we had to search for a complete software solution that covers it all. Most importantly, this system being web-based allows us to monitor every step of the production from any location. The costing part was also essential to the top management as it narrowed the margin of error.

PMEA: Could you tell us more about the implementation process of an ERP such as Sistrade? It must be complex and time-consuming.

IZ: It took longer and required more work than originally planned. We did not start on the planned date, which was the beginning of 2014 and only started-up in the last quarter of 2014. But on the whole it went well, considering it was a total change in all areas of the company. The Sistrade team was amazing in terms of availability and efficiency. From the beginning we were able to work together and this only improved as the project progressed.

PMEA: In which areas was Sistrade implemented?

IZ: In all the areas of the company – estimating, commercial management, production, scheduling, purchases, stocks, shipping and maintenance, as well as integration with the existing accounting system.

PMEA: Was the fact that Sistrade ERP allows managing of costing/estimating and production of folding cartons/labels crucial in choosing to work with them

IZ: During the selection of ERP to implement, it was essential for Luna Press that the system would allow integrating all areas. Sistrade ERP responded to these requirements perfectly, allowing to integrate the past processes and any new projects we might need. In addition, it is a 100% native web-based system and with no limitation on user registrations, plus it is one of the few international ERPs that allows users to work in Arabic language.

PMEA: Would you recommend Sistrade?

IZ: Yes, it integrates and simplifies some procedures and offers better background information in the daily management of the company and in decision making. It is a real asset.