Proempaques Ltda, one of the largest industrial companies in the area of flexible packaging printing in Colombia, Bogota, acquired Portuguese integrated business management system - MIS|ERP Sistrade® – for company management.

Proempaques Ltda., is a company with over 35 years of experience, specializing in producing self-adhesive labels and flexible packaging for the food, cosmetics, agrochemical and pharmaceutical industry. The company was looking on the market for the technologically updated solution that would provide the automation of the business processes and internal organization, adjusting to the specific needs.

Sistrade® was the only solution which was able to incorporate all existing business processes, allowing Proempaques Ltda management and control of business process (technical data sheets, estimates, invoicing, CRM, etc.) and production process, such as the issuance of job orders, on-line collection of production data in all the sectors of the company, production supervision, cost control using comparison reports which allow the detailed comparison of estimated costs and times versus real time production.

The know-how in this area thus ensures an offer of a completely configurable MIS|ERP, making it very flexible for incorporation of new specificities, therefore differentiating it within this technical sector, in particular, by the technical definition of the product, which is supported by technical data sheets and graphical process, with specific estimating (parameterized) according to the product type (flexible packaging) versus the production control in real time. These features enrich the information system, enhancing the control and inspection of the product, which guarantees the quality of the service and manufactured goods, allowing a single continuous and consistent information flow throughout the company.