In partnership with the AICEP - Global Portugal, SISTRADE will participate in the exhibition of ICT "e.Portugal, Global Technology”, at the Museum of Technology - Palace of Culture in Warsaw, from 2 to 7 of September, 2008, a parallel activity that will occur during the presidential visit.

This exhibition will be inaugurated at 12:55 p.m., September 2, by Their Excellencies the Presidents of Portugal and Poland. The purpose of this event is to demonstrate the capacity for innovation and leadership of Portuguese technology companies in the Polish market. In the exhibition area will be marked by light and color to convey the idea of technology and demarcate 4 main themes: e.government; digital home;; e. Entertainment. During the morning of that day, attended by both Presidents, will be held an economy seminar, "Business Meetings Poland / Portugal", at the Intercontinental Warsaw hotel - meeting room DonGiovani.

The Committee leave for the Republic of Slovakia on the 4th while on 5th will be held, at the hotel Crowne Plaza Bratislava, rooms London I and II, the economy seminar "Business Meetings Slovakia / Portugal", with the presence of Their Excellencies the Presidents of Slovakia and Portugal.

In these events SISTRADE will present its technological solutions for Ebusiness 100% WEB, such as Sistrade® Management Sales & Budgeting, Picking Mobile, Mobile Business, CRM, Ebusiness, stocks management, monitoring the production in real time with Automation and data Collecting, Production Planning (in Gantt Chart), quality control, equipment maintenance, among other features.

Date: Monday, September 1, 2008


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