The participants of this conference were various partners from printing sector, such as HP, Esko, Dupont, Vianord, Praxair, MarkAndy, Rossini, GMG/MMC, FÜLL, Comexi Group, and of course SISTRADE, its aim was to raise awareness of the new technologies in terms of materials/consumables, machinery and production management software for flexographic industry. The presentations were addressed to more than 60 guests from label and flexible packaging printing companies in Poland. SISTRADE stood out as a provider of MIS|ERP system 100% WEB for flexible packaging and label printing industry, promoting the features such as Cross-platform, Private Cloud, Estimating using Tablet, SCADA & SFC, MES, and other.

Alongside with the conference, the ceremony of enthronisation of Polish Guild of Gutenberg Knights took place, organised by the Chancellor of the association - Jacek Kuśmierczyk and by the member - Paulo Souto from SISTRADE, held at Palace of the Dukes in Guimarães, for Portuguese and Polish entrepreneurs, including the President of Portuguese Printing Association APIGRAF.

The Polish Guild of Gutenberg Knights exists since 1996; an organization operating in six European countries. The idea of the Guild was born in France from where it was transplanted to Germany, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland and Poland. As a result, the members of the Polish association are among the elite group which brings together more than 700 citizens of countries belonging to the European elite regarding the development of the printing industry. The association also publishes unique books; here it is worth mentioning an album "Printing in art - the art of printing" which has become the object of desire of librarian circles.

In conclusion, SISTRADE took this opportunity to get new business and strengthen trade relations with Polish companies, as well as promote the city of Porto!

Date: Saturday, May 17, 2014


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